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With the release of the first MerCruiser sterndrive at the Chicago Boat Show in 1961, Mercury Marine founder Carl Kiekhaefer forever changed the boating industry. Until then, outboards were the standard in marine engines, but Kiekhaefer's sterndrive allowed boaters to maintain outboard-like maneuverability in a package that offered unprecedented recreational boating power. With its already stellar marine reputation, MerCruiser quickly captured a commanding majority of the recreational market. Now celebrating its 50th anniversary, MerCruiser continues to lead the industry, guided by the same trailblazing ethic that inspired Kiekhaefer's historic first sterndrive.
For a half century, MerCruiser has been synonymous with unrivaled sterndrive and inboard performance. It all starts with a diverse selection of engines ranging from 135 to 430 hp, and more than 20 unique drive systems including Alpha One - the most popular sterndrive in the world. With the most complete lineup in the industry crafted by expert engineers, you're certain to find a MerCruiser engine-drive combination perfect for your boating style. Mercury enhances these offerings with complementary marine innovations such as Axius, the intuitive joystick-control system, and the stalwart corrosion protection of MerCruiser SeaCore. With decades of industry leadership and an eye to the future, the MerCruiser legend continues to grow.
Over these five decades, MerCruiser has worked tirelessly to maintain and grow its reputation as the most trusted sterndrive brand on the planet. MerCruiser has been able to stay at the forefront of marine engineering by remaining true to its four brand pillars: an unmatched product lineup, innovative integrated technologies, reliable and durable engines and drives, and an unrivaled service network.
Every boater has unique values and expectations for their on-water pursuits. That's why MerCruiser is committed to offering the most complete gasoline sterndrive product selection in the industry. With a wide range of engines, each with even deeper features and options, MerCruiser prides itself on having propulsion and technology systems for every boating style.
Nobody else offers a more comprehensive selection of catalyzed engines than MerCruiser. From the wildly popular 3.0L all the way up to the 8.2L big block, only MerCruiser has had the insight and wherewithal to invest in this game-changing technology to ensure its availability on a global scale.

Mercury Diesel Engines & Sterndrives

Variable Geometry Turbo (VGT)
Mercury Diesel TDI engines are equipped with VGT turbo chargers. Variable guide vanes adjust the exhaust flow area and maximize exhaust flow efficiency throughout the rpm range. Turbo chargers provide optimum boost pressure over the entire rpm range and offer a smooth, powerful throttle response, while significantly improving combustion and fuel economy and reducing exhaust emissions. 

Common Rail Technology
All Mercury Diesel engines utilize state of the art common rail fuel injection technology. Depending on the engine, the fuel pressure in the common rail can reach up to 26,000 psi. Common rail technology makes it possible to keep maximum combustion pressure under control. This technology offers more powerful, lower pressure combustion than conventional diesel engines for improved reliability. Common rail technology also makes it possible to optimize and control fuel injection to minimize fuel consumption.

Direct Injection
All Mercury Diesel engines utilize direct injection or cylinder-direct injection technology where fuel is injected directly into the combustion chamber of each cylinder. The Mercury Diesel engines utilize injectors (nozzles) that are optimized and spray atomized high pressure fuel directly into the combustion chamber of each cylinder to ensure fuel consumption is minimized and adjusted to the engine load conditions. All Mercury Diesel engines use a dedicated BOSCH ECU to control the functionality of the injectors as well as the fuel pressure.

Closed Cooling
All Mercury Diesel engines come with a closed cooling system as a standard feature. Water is routed through highly efficient Mota heat exchangers to cool the engine, similar to an automotive application. The closed cooling design greatly improves longevity and durability and significantly extends the overall life of a diesel engine.

Yanmar Marine Diesel Engines

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